By plane

There are two daily flights to Santorini from Athens throughout the year, which last approximately 40 minutes, whereas in the summer season flights to the island are more frequent, connecting Santorini also to Thesalonika. Access to Santorini by plane is possible through daily frequent schedules departing from the Eleutherios Venizelos airport in Athens, or through charter flights especially in the summer which flood in from many countries.


By boat

Daily scheduled arrivals by conventional ships are available all year round, which connect Santorini to Peiraeus port. The journey lasts between 8 to 13 hours, according to the type of the ship and the density of in between stops. In the summer there is also a connection with Crete, Thessalonika and most islands of the Cycladic complex, while fast speed , new technology vessels also depart the Peiraeus port, significantly reducing the duration of the journey to between 4-5 hours. In addition, many cruise ships visit the island from different parts of the world.

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