The famous beaches of Santorini are mostly situated on the eastern and southern side of the island.

Each beach has certain characteristics which render it unique and important. The shinny black pebbles, the unusual formations of the ground, the black, white and red sand, create an unforgettable setting. All beaches are well organized with sun beds, umbrellas and water sports huts. 

The beaches of the Northern side of the isle have a wild and unusual beauty which has only lately been discovered and appreciated by the tourists and summer visitors. Such beaches include:  Baxedes, Colombo beach and a small graphic fishing village called Pori.

On the Northeast coast of the island, there are family orientated beaches with young children, while many hotels, restaurants, tavernas and small stores can be found around those areas. This is where you will locate Monolithos, Kamari and the Abyss beach which attracts young tourist swarms and provides the opportunity to take part or learn various water sports.
Two of the most renowned beaches of the island are Perissa and Perivolos, which formulate the longest black sandy beach of Santorini. Also here, there is a plethora of hotels, restaurants and tavernas.

The North beaches include the Red beach with the steep cliffs, the White beach, the beach in the Mesa Pigadia area and of course Vlihada with the beautiful mountain and lunar landscape.

Monolithos is a settlement on the central eastern part of the island which was named after the large rock which characterizes it. Agricultural production and development is mainly focused on the tomato puree factory. Tourism development is mostly found at the beach which is quiet but well equipped as all Santorini beaches. The beach is wide and the sea is fairly shallow with fine black sand, a beach recommended for family outings.  

Perivolos is an endless, beautiful well known beach, with dark grey sand on the southeast of Santorini between Vlihada and Perissa. Here the nightlife and the day club scene are exquisite, mostly through the various beach bars and happenings which take part all summer.

St George is a quiet beach at the end of Perivolos on the southeast side of the island. An ideal beach to relax, and to eat fresh fish at the graphic tavernas, surrounding it.

The beautiful Red beach is situated on the southwest side of Santorini, only 10 minutes from the cape, is legendary for the colour of the sand, the rocky surroundings, red lava formations and the merge with the blue sea.

Access to the red beach is by sea. Daily there are boats leaving from the cape (Akrotiri) and Perissa. You can also get to the beach by car, by following the road from the church of St Nikolas, by the excavation sites.

Vlihada on the south-central area is the last beach you will come across after Perissa and Perivolos. Before you get to the beach you will come across a small port filled with traditional sea vessels, where ducks and swans are cared for by the fishermen. On the way to the beach, intriguing simulacrum shaped by pumice will attract attention and calm the spirit. It is a very secluded and quiet place to enjoy, and you can find places to eat just a stone's throw away.

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