Emporio, is built evenly on the southeast side of the island, is regarded as the main shopping precinct and is more heavily populated than other villages. While discovering this village you will stumble on busy tourist and commercial shops, taverns and restaurants. However it is a relatively quiet village regardless of it’s popularity where religious marks are easily distinguished as well as historical clues remaining from its past of invasions. The church of St Nikolas of Marmariti, built with marble, on the ruins of the ancient temple of the goddess Vasilia, welcomes visitors.

Within the Emporio you will also observe one of the oldest churches of the island, The Old Mary (Palia Panagia), known for it’s wood carved decorated  bell tower, which attracts the admiration of all visitors. Whilst touring, you will also come across two castles of the Venetian times, where the people would find safety from the pirate raids: Kasteli and the Goula structure on the North side of the Emporio.

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